Quest Twin Skyscrapers
Twin Skyscrapers


Construct the Nina Towers - twin towers of 80 an 42 stories respectively - and a little "Cupola" villa for people who are afraid of heights.
80px Build Nina Towers
Costs: 900,000 Coin sm or 4 Megabucks sm, 35 Power sm and 18 Water sm
Gives: 2,100 Experience sm, 25,000 Population sm cap increase, 2,500 Coin sm every 7 hours
80px Build Cupola Villa
Costs: 1,140,000 Coin sm or 2 Megabucks sm, 30 Power sm and 24 Water sm
Gives: 2,600 Experience sm and 1,220 Population sm every 8 hours


Why do you build skyscrapers? Is it because you want to beat some record, or conserve the city's living space? You'll find your own answer, but one thing is for certain - Megapolis has become more beautiful
  • XP Reward: 160 Experience sm
  • Coin Reward: 3,000 Coin sm