Underground Subway Station (Foundation)
Underground Subway Station Construction
Plot 2x2 short
Cost 20,000 Coin sm
2 Megabucks sm
10 Power sm
8 Water sm
Provides 150 Experience sm
Population limit:

5,000 Population Limits

No periodic benefit
Construction Instant

The Underground Subway Station is an infrastructure building that can be purchased from the Buildings tab of the Subway Administration Building. It was added during an update on 12.20.2013.[1] Up to 5 Underground Subway Stations can be built, with each increasing the cost and reward of Subway Train contracts.

A total of 50 assets are needed to complete construction of all 5 Underground Subway Stations. This equates to 50 Megabucks sm if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.

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Quests and Achievements


  • First Train (includes completion of 1st Underground Subway Station (Level 1))
  • One More Station (includes purchase of 2nd Underground Subway Station Foundation)
  • Modernized Train (includes completion of 2nd Underground Subway Station (Level 1))
  • New Subway Stations (includes purchase and completion of 3rd Underground Subway Station (Level 1))
  • Upgraded Train (includes completion of 1st Underground Subway Terminal (Level 2))


Underground Subway Station (Level 1)

Underground Subway Station L1

Up to five Underground Subway Station can be built, each providing a multiplier for certain Subway Train contracts.

Requires Rewards
  • 3 Megabucks sm or 3 asset gifts
  • 22 (+12) Power sm and 20 (+12) Water sm

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Glass Asset Glass x 3 1 Megabucks sm 3 Megabucks sm
Completion of the Underground Transportation quest provides 5 x Glass Asset Glass that can be used for this construction project, making it essentially free.

Underground Subway Terminal (Level 2)

Underground Subway Station L2
Requires Rewards
  • 7 Megabucks sm or 7 asset gifts
  • 35 (+13) Power sm and 32 (+12) Water sm

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Aluminum Profile Asset Aluminum Profile x 4 1 Megabucks sm 4 Megabucks sm
Rebar Asset Rebar x 1 1 Megabucks sm 1 Megabucks sm
Glass Asset Glass x 2 1 Megabucks sm 2 Megabucks sm


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