Update 13 01 2015 v1 Update 13 01 2015 v2

Organize winter entertainment in Megapolis for children and grown-ups alike. This will increase your citizens' loyalty and bring you significant income! Create a truly magical Winter Park. Build a Storyteller's Castle, Winter Park Office, Winter Greenhouse, Russian Pavilion, Eastern Pavilion and Pantomime Theater. Publish books of fairy tales and hold a show of fairytale characters. Get a huge income and worthy rewards: the Nimbus Hotel and a new title “Fairytale Expert“.

Meet the icy Wheel of Fortune! It will spin for you for only one day. Will you succeed in winning all the ice sculptures? If you do, you'll get Cinderella's Castle and become the Ruler of Ice in Megapolis. Hurry, you have only one day left!


Ice Magic (Wheel of Fortune)
Burdett-Coutts Fountain (2 Megabucks sm or 320 000 Coin sm)
Winter Park Office (Buildsite)
Winter Greenhouse (Buildsite)
Storyteller's Castle (Buildsite)
Fairmont Hotel (11 Megabucks sm or 5 100 000 Coin sm)
Sun Tower Hotel (9 Megabucks sm or 1 430 000 Coin sm)


Special Event: Winter Park

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