Update 25 01 2016
UPDATE - 25 Jan 2016 - Energy Road

UPDATE - 25 Jan 2016 - Energy Road

The World Architecture: Finland conterst is starting in Megapolis!

Build real masterpieces of northern architecture in your city, collect taxes from them, complete contracts and collect contest points. You can get great gifts for your points: coins, building materials, Megabucks and buildings from Finand. Become the winner of a global contest!

Don’t have enough land to build on in the Rocky Mountains? Not enough energy to build new houses? There is a solution! Build the Energy Road, a unique route aimed at seeking out new areas and ways to harvest resources. Build the Alman Bridge and the Tidal Power Plant and unlock new areas and a new title!


Guggenheim Museum Helsinki (5 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Heureka Science Center (20 Megabucks sm)
Temppeliaukio Rock Church (12 Megabucks sm)
Keskustorni Central Tower (14 Megabucks sm)
Helsinki Fire Station (9 Megabucks sm)
Saynatsalo Town Hall (8 Megabucks sm)
Moomin House (3 Megabucks sm)
Kannonkoski Church (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Helsinki Student Union (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Helsinki Design Museum (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
National Museum of Finland (20 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Patria Lappeenranta Hotel (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Sibelius Monument (1 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Scientific Resource Center (Buildsite)
Alman Bridge: Right-Hand Span (Buildsite)
Alman Bridge: Left-Hand Span (Buildsite)
Tidal Power Plant (Buildsite)
Arctic Water Station (Buildsite)
Bridge Design Center (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)


World Architecture (Finland) Logo

World Architecture (Finland) (Contest)
Quest Energy Road

Build your own Energy Road! (Timed Quest)

901 Tower (Pack 1)
Zippo Tower (Pack 2)
Seneca Street Tower (Pack 3)

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