Update 02 02 2017 v1
Update 02 02 2017 v2

Railroad Marathon III is starting in Megapolis! To win, send trains of passengers through the International Terminal. The more passengers you send, the higher your chances of getting Building Certificates, Megabucks and the grand prize. Be the winner in the railroad contest!

Collection of unique buildings in Megapolis! The railroad is one of the most important types of transport in Megapolis. Make it even better and even more modern! To do this, collect passengers from the train stations and get unique materials for infrastructure construction from the Center of Unique Structures. Develop the Railroad in your Megapolis!


Panoramic Tower (9 Megabucks sm or 4,906,000 Coin sm)
Sea Gates Hotel (13 Megabucks sm or 1,758,000 Coin sm)
Seahorse Sculpture (9 Megabucks sm or 211,000 Coin sm)
Rail Supply Center (Unique Structure)
Technical Inspection Service (Unique Structure)
Railroad Administration (Unique Structure)
Railroad Directorate (Unique Structure)
Rail Dispatch Center (Unique Structure)
Railroad Transport Institute (Unique Structure)


International Terminal (Level 7)


Railroad Marathon III Logo

Railroad Marathon III (Timed Contest)
Quest Rail Supply Center

Rail Supply Center (Quest)

Jitai Tower (Pack 1)
Chicony Plaza (Pack 2)
Chengdu International Center (Pack 3)

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