Update 02 07 2014
Standard Buildings
Dreamflash Park
Special Buildings
Holiday Agency
Scrapbooking Workshop
Organic Cosmetics Store
Pearl Restaurant
Timed Quest
Valentine's Day
French Bridge
Chocolate Factory

With Update/02.07.2014 there is 1 Standard Building and 4 Special Buildings integrated.Also there got a Timed Quest integrated into the game.

Standard Buildings

As Standard Building there is one new Decoration Building.

They have the following costs:

Dreamflash Park Dreamflash Park

20,000 Coin sm
or 2 Megabucks sm

Special Buildings

As Special Buildings there are four new fixed buildings that are located northwest of the Road Junction expansion territory in the main game zone.

They have the following costs:

Holiday Agency Construction Holiday Agency

30,000 Coin sm
or 3 Megabucks sm

Scrapbooking Workshop Construction Scrapbooking Workshop

30,000 Coin sm
or 3 Megabucks sm

Organic Cosmetics Store Construction Organic Cosmetics Store

90,00 Coin sm
or 4 Megabucks sm

Pearl Restaurant Construction Pearl Restaurant

120,000 Coin sm
or 5 Megabucks sm

Timed Quest

(see Valentine's Day)

Quest Valentine's Day
Aside the new buildings a new Timed Quest called Valentine's Day was also implemented. Like the most Timed Quests this one has 10 stages to complete and there have to be built Dreamflash Park, Holiday Agency, Scrapbooking Workshop, Organic Cosmetics Store, Pearl Restaurant.

As bonuses for completing special stages you get in the mids French Bridge and at the end Chocolate Factory.

French Bridge French Bridge Bonus Building
Chocolate Factory Chocolate Factory Bonus Building