Update 13 02 2015 v1 Update 13 02 2015 v2

An abandoned town has been found not far from Megapolis. There are rumors that gold of exceptional purity was once mined there. Use the most modern technology! Restore the ghost town and get a new source of income! Create a Gold Mining Company, restore the mine and plant, and provide the city with power and water. Become a Gold Tycoon!

Develop railroads in Megapolis! Build new stations in your city: Budapest-Nyugati Station, Next Generation Station and Grand Chateau Station – these beautiful buildings will brighten up your Megapolis. And with new Swift and Arrow trains, contracts for train journeys will be even more profitable. Play Megapolis and develop your city!


Jewelry Showroom (1 Megabucks sm or 63 000 Coin sm)
Gold Mine (Buildsite)
Jewelry Store (1 Megabucks sm or 77 000 Coin sm)
Gold Mining Corporation (Buildsite)
Gold Refinery (Buildsite)
Autonomous Water Station (Buildsite)
Wind Turbines System (Buildsite)
Budapest-Nyugati Station (Buildsite)
Next Generation Station (Buildsite)
Grand Chateau Station (Buildsite)


Swift Train (Internal Train)
Arrow Train (External Train)


Special Event: Ghost Town

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