Update 02 15 2013

A fresh update to Megapolis! A huge Sports Complex, skyscrapers, and the ”Cupola" villa. Make your Megapolis even more beautiful!


Garnier Sports Center (3 megabucks or 200 000)
Nina Tower (6 megabucks or 900 000)
Couple Villa (3 megabucks or 1 140 000)
Central Plaza (5 megabucks or 1 300 000)


Sports Center

Available at level 14
  • Build the Sports Complex foundation
  • Complete the sports equipment contract

Staying in Shape

Available after the quest Sports Center is finished
  • Upgrade your Sports Complex: build a gym.
  • Complete the fresh vegetable production contract

A Body in Motion

Available after the quest Staying in Shape is finished
  • Upgrade your Sports Complex - build a dance studio.
  • Complete the Venetian blinds production contract.

No Holds Barred

Available after the quest A Body in Motion is finished
  • Upgrade your Sports Complex: build a wrestling gym.
  • Lay out a flower bed

Swimming Like a Fish

Available after the quest No Holds Barred is finished
  • Complete the Sports Complex: build a swimming pool

Twin Skyscrapers

Available at level 42
  • Build Nina Towers
  • Build Cupola Villa

To the Sky!

Available at level 49
  • Build Central Plaza

Please, vote, we need your opinion on the new update, great quests and fundamental objects added!

Play Megapolis to find all new features in the game!
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