Update 15 02 2016 v1
Update 20 01 2015

Terrible frosts have come to the Rocky Mountains, and sea travel to the main island of Megapolis has come to a standstill! Save the Rocky Mountains from their icy prison! Design a powerful and safe nuclear-powered icebreaker. Restore sea travel to the main island of Megapolis and you’ll get a wonderful reward!

The Wheel of Fortune promises good luck! Win the Spiral Fountain, Biltmore Apartments, Rialto Towers, Ripon Lea House and Victoria Terrace Apartments. Build all these buildings and get the Sydney Conservatorium and the title of Australian Architect as a reward. Play Megapolis and win!


Old Australian Architecture (Wheel of Fortune)
Ship Design Center (Buildsite)
Maritime Headquarters (Buildsite)
Geographical Society (Buildsite)
Nuclear Icebreaker (Buildsite)
Repair Dock (Buildsite)
Tugboat (Buildsite)


Quest An Icy Prison

An Icy Prison (Timed Quest)

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