Update 02 19 2013

Megapolis has been updated! Lift the mysterious island of Atlantis from the bottom of the ocean. Find the treasures of ancient civilizations in the lost city!


Weather Office (3 Megabucks sm or 120 000 Coin sm)
Main Laboratory Complex (3 Megabucks sm or 310 000 Coin sm)


The legendary lost city of Atlantis has been found!

  • Start researching Atlantis
  • Build a laboratory complex and set up an infrastructure for thoroughly researching and restoring the ancient ruins!
  • Restore Atlantis

In Search of Atlantis

  • Visit the cities of 7 friends and tell them about the discovery of the strange crater.
  • Collect 2,000 coins in taxes
  • Build the main laboratory complex
  • House 1,800 residents
  • Found a weather bureau
  • Conduct research into secret technologies
  • Build a radar system
  • Build a launch pad
  • Search for extraterrestrial civilizations
  • Construct a sealab
  • Conduct a study of the historical legacy
  • Restore Atlantis

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