Update 23 02 2017

Build the Ziggurat in Megapolis – an incarnation of the architectural innovations of recent years! It will provide the nearby areas of the city with energy and water. And it’s sure to become a great sight to see in Megapolis!


Institute of Future Development (Fixed Buildsite)
Ziggurat (Fixed Buildsite)
Ziggurat Water Service (Fixed Buildsite)
Energy Accumulator (Fixed Buildsite)
Ziggurat Administration Building (Fixed Buildsite)
Autonomous Control Center (Fixed Buildsite)


Quest Ziggurat (Quest)

Ziggurat (Timed Quest)

Jami Mosque (Pack 1)
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (Pack 2)
Imam Mosque (Pack 3)

Please vote, we need your opinion on the new terrific update, wonderful quests and brilliant objects added!

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