Update 28 02 2014

Megapolis wants a carnival! Build a Mask Workshop, a Carnival Costume Store, St. Mark's Garden and the Museo Correr and hold a carnival night. This will be the most memorable show in Megapolis! As a reward, you'll receive the Hotel Cipriani, the Lion of St. Mark and many lucrative contracts!


St. Mark Hotel (Buildsite)
Doge's Palace (Buildsite)
Museo Correr (Buildsite)
St. Mark Garden (Buildsite)
Marciana Library (Buildsite)
Venetian Masks Workshop (1 Megabucks sm or 33 000 Coin sm)
Carnival Costume Store (2 Megabucks sm or 56 000 Coin sm)


Quest Venetian Carnival

Venetian Carnival (Timed Quest)

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