Update 24 03 2016 v1
Update 24 03 2016 v2

A Mysterious Crater has been discovered at the Great Lakes. The scientists of Megapolis are concerned: what is at the bottom of the crater, and how did it form? It’s time to perform large-scale research – build the Speleological Laboratory, Karst Research Academy and other buildings. Create the first ever artificial lake in Megapolis and get fantastic prizes!

A great day in Megapolis! Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win the most famous buildings from Norway. Collect all 6 buildings and get the Oslo Opera House and a new title. Try your luck right now!


Norwegian Architecture (Wheel of Fortune)
Speleological Laboratory (Buildsite)
Karst Research Academy (Buildsite)
Waterway Beautification Service (Buildsite)
Earth Magnetism Institute (Buildsite)
Landscaping Company (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Geomorphology Center (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)


Quest Mysterious Crater

Mysterious Crater in the Great Lakes! (Timed Quest)

Dadar Tower (Pack 1)
Mirage Tower (Pack 2)
Imperial Towers (Pack 3)

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