Update 04 04 2016 v1
Update 04 04 2016 v2
UPDATE - 04 Apr 2016 - Powerboats

UPDATE - 04 Apr 2016 - Powerboats

Powerboat racing is one of the most risky and breathtaking sights to see. And soon it will take place in Megapolis!

Prepare for the most extraordinary competition on the water. Take care of the required infrastructure, build the Water Track and invite as many friends as you can!

A contest is starting in Megapolis – World Architecture: Monaco! Construct famous buildings from Monaco in your city. Collect taxes from them, house residents and complete contracts to earn contest points. You can use contest points to get coins, materials, Megabucks and unique buildings from Monaco!


Water Racing Headquarters (Buildsite)
Wave Rider Hotel (Buildsite)
Waves and Spray Restaurant (Buildsite)
Bleachers (Buildsite)
Powerboat Service Station (Buildsite)
Extreme Maritime Navigation School (2 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Prince's Palace of Monaco (5 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Saint Nicholas Cathedral (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Monte Carlo Casino (15 Megabucks sm)
Banquet Restaurant (15 Megabucks sm)
Fort Antoine (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Monaco Palace of Justice (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Monaco Oceanographic Museum (10 Megabucks sm)
Stamp and Coin Museum (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Monaco National Museum (4 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Princess Grace Theater (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo (9 Megabucks sm)
Blanje Entertainment Center (10 Megabucks sm)
Octopus Sculpture (1 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Portier Square (1 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)


World Architecture (Monaco) Logo

World Architecture (Monaco) (Contest)
Quest Powerboats

Racing on the Waves (Timed Quest)

Cannes Palace (Pack 1)
Bubble Palace (Pack 2)
Maeterlinck Palace (Pack 3)

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