Update 04 05 2013

Megapolis awards bonuses and offers Gifts for the purchase of Megabucks. The more Megabucks you buy, the more promising the gifts are! Buy now and Megabucks will help you build houses, hotels, plazas, and even Madison Square Garden!


Salalah Plaza (5 megabucks or 870 000)
Madison Square Garden (5 megabucks or 1 440 000)
Victoria House (2 megabucks or 190 000)
Islander Hotel (2 megabucks or 330 000)


Victoria – that’s victory Available at level 15


Visitors of the City Available at level 21


Oriental Square Available at level 29


Megapolis main arena Available at level 44


Please, vote, we need your opinion on the new great update, wonderful quests and nice objects added! Play Megapolis to find all new features in the game! Find us on Twitter:

Unannounced Updates

Update 04052013 facebook integration
With 04.05.2013, SQ-Network and FB-Network players can now be neighbors.

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