Update 07 04 2016

Ever been to Baku? East India? There are many beautiful buildings there! Now you can build them in your Megapolis. To do this, spin the Wheel of Fortune and search for treasure chests. As a reward, you'll receive architectural masterpieces from modern-day Baku and palaces from East India!


New Baku (Wheel of Fortune)
Krakow Economics Academy (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Ship in a Mottle' Sculpture (1 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Grimaldi Forum (9 Megabucks sm)
National Council of Monaco (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Monaco Bank (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Bastion Hotel (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Hotel Paris (13 Megabucks sm)
Princeess Grace Rosarium (1 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)


Chest Figurine 04.07.2016

Chest 22 (Treasure Chest)

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