Update 10 04 2015 v1 Update 10 04 2015 v2

The modern skyscrapers of Istanbul astound the imagination! Make a smart purchase and get these exotic buildings as a gift. Buy Megabucks and get even more Megabucks as well as the Meridian Tower, the Sector Tower or the Crystal Tower for free. Play Megapolis and build the best city on the planet!

Big game and huge construction Start building a school, parks, and skyscrapers! Then play the Wheel of Fortune to win all the Botta's architectural heritage buildings. Begin construction right now!


Botta's Architecture (Wheel of Fortune)
Bellefield Towers Office (9 Megabucks sm or 3 200 000 Coin sm)
Midland Park (1 Megabucks sm or 761 000 Coin sm)
Lambeth Apartments (3 Megabucks sm or 310 000 Coin sm)


Meridian Tower (Pack 1)
Crystal Tower (Pack 2)
Sector Tower (Pack 3)

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Play Megapolis to find all new features in the game!
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