Update 18 04 2016 v1
Update 18 04 2016 v2

Bargain time has come! Buy the Okinawa, Arizona and Welios science centers and the University of Melbourne at a bargain low price. For every purchase, you get a gift: the Gangnam Finance Center, Montreal Tower or the Great American Tower. Play Megapolis and get gifts!

Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win historical movie theaters from the USA: the California, Oakland, Redwood, Indiana, Loew’s and Shanghai movie theaters. You’ll be rewarded with the Los Angeles Movie Theater and a new title: Film History Buff. Play Megapolis and get gifts!


US Historical Movie Theaters (Wheel of Fortune)
Moody Mansion (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Frog Fountain (1 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Road with Bike Lane (Coin sm)
Volcanic Rock Road (Coin sm)
Glowing Road (Coin sm)


4-n-Action Bargain 19

04.18.2016 Set (4-n-Action Bargain)

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Play Megapolis to find all new features in the game!
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