Update 25 04 2016
UPDATE - 25 Apr 2016 - Oil Refining

UPDATE - 25 Apr 2016 - Oil Refining

What a stroke of luck!

Oil has been discovered in the Megapolis desert. Extracting and refining it will make our city even richer! Build the Oil Pipeline, Oil Depots and 3 Oil Processing Plants. Start producing plastic, fuel and many other products. Become the biggest oil tycoon in Megapolis!


Reserve Terminal (Buildsite)
Pipeline Junction (Buildsite)
Oil Pumping Installation (Buildsite)
Polymer Manufacturing Facility (Buildsite)
Petroleum Refinery (Buildsite)
Composite Factory (Buildsite)
Oil Depot (Buildsite)
Oil Pumping Station (Buildsite)
Oil Pipeline (Buildsite)
Oil Freight Station (Buildsite)
Transit Tunnel (Buildsite)


Quest Refining Oil

Start refining oil (Timed Quest)

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