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Update 04 26 2013

A Financial block is an international financial center. You have the unique chance to build a Stock Exchange in you Megapolis and start surfacing to the top!


Artesian Well construction site (15px-Megabucks_sm.png or 350 000 15px-Coin_sm.png )
Stock Exchange (15px-Megabucks_sm.png or 75 000 15px-Coin_sm.png )
Bear Statue (15px-Megabucks_sm.png or 160 000 15px-Coin_sm.png )
Bull Statue (15px-Megabucks_sm.png or 120 000 15px-Coin_sm.png )
Constructing the Megapolis Federal Reserve (15px-Megabucks_sm.png or 250 000 15px-Coin_sm.png )
National Bank of Megapolis Construction site (15px-Megabucks_sm.png or 175 000 15px-Coin_sm.png )


Megapolis Financial Block

Available at level 10
  • Construct the building for a Stock Exchange
  • Complete a business suit contract

Big Financial Game

Available after the quest Megapolis Financial block is finished
  • Buy a Bull Statue
  • Collect at least 10 points at the Stock Exchange

Accumulating Finances

Available after the quest Big financial game is finished
  • Begin constructing a Quantum Bank
  • Build a Quantum Bank

Next step

Available after the quest Accumulating finances is finished
  • Buy a Bear Statue
  • Collect at least 20 points at the Stock Exchange

Gold Reserve

Available after the quest Next step is finished
  • Begin constructing the Megapolis Federal Reserve
  • Build a Coffee House

Financial Reserve

Available after the quest Gold Reserve is finished
  • Build the Megapolis Federal Reserve
  • Collect at least 30 points in the Stock Exchange

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