Update 28 04 2016 v1
Update 28 04 2016 v2

An offer for the lucky! Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win grandiose towers from Kuwait. Collect all 6 buildings to get the United Tower and the title of Architect of the East. Try your luck right now!

Get buildings from beautiful Valencia for your Megapolis. Buy Megabucks at a bargain price and get gifts: Mercado de Colon, Valencia North Station and the Dos Aguas Palace. Play Megapolis and build the city of your dreams!


Towers of Kuwait (Wheel of Fortune)
Bank of Valancia (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Punt de Gancho House (3 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)
Catraia Fountain (1 Megabucks sm or Coin sm)


Dos Aguas Palace (Pack 1)
Valencia North Station (Pack 2)
Mercado de Colon (Pack 3)

Please vote #1 and vote #2, we need your opinion on the new terrific update, wonderful quests and brilliant objects added!

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