Update 04 30 2013

Spin the Wheel of Fortune! Win relics from the Renaissance and earn yourself a new title! Don’t miss out on the sale! We’ve listened to your requests and extended the construction period for the Coastal Hotel by two days.


Renaissance Relics (Wheel of Fortune)
Electronics Store (building) (3 Megabucks sm or 350 000 Coin sm)
Playground (3 Megabucks sm or 540 000 Coin sm)
John Hancock Tower (5 Megabucks sm or 1 650 000 Coin sm)
Taj Mahal (8 Megabucks sm or 6 000 000 Coin sm)
Bristol Resindential Complex (1 050 000 Coin sm)


Nice Shop

Available at level 24
  • Build an Electronics Store
  • Collect 50,000 coins

New Residents of Megapolis

Available at level 43
  • Build the Bristol Residential Complex
  • House 300 residents
  • Buy a Playground

61 Stories of Glass

  • Available at level 53
  • Stages:
  • Build John Hancock Tower
  • Collect 200 in taxes

The Jewel of India

Available at level 59
  • Build Taj Mahal
  • Visit five neighbors

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