Update 12 05 2015 v1 Update 12 05 2015 v2

Buy Megabucks and get elegant Chinese theaters for free. But that's not all! Megapolis is giving gifts – by buying Megabucks, you can get up to 450 Megabucks completely for free. Don't miss the bargains!

The cold beauty of the mysterious and unexplored cosmos beckons. Build modern observatories and start studying space in Megapolis! Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win unique buildings: the Fabra Observatory, Jantar Mantar, Gaocheng Observatory, Greenwich Observatory, a museum and a madrasa. Win all six buildings and you'll not only get the University of Kyung-Hee for free, but also the title of Copernicus's Successor!


World of Astronomy (Wheel of Fortune)
Akshardham (10 Megabucks sm 7 700 000 Coin sm)
Todai-ji Temple (9 Megabucks sm or 3 300 000 Coin sm)
Vietnamese Pagoda(8 Megabucks sm 3 320 000 Coin sm)
Glasgow Scientific Center (5 Megabucks sm or 6 380 000 Coin sm)
Hotel Moskva (3 Megabucks sm or 1 904 000 Coin sm)
Unity Sculpture (1 Megabucks sm or 208 000 Coin sm)


Hangzhou Theater (Pack 1)
Hefei Theater (Pack 2)
Zhejiang Theater (Pack 3)

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