Update 18 05 2017

Breaking news! A gigantic whirlpool has been discovered in the sea near Megapolis. It might threaten the city or it might bring great benefit. Ensure that ships are safe in the sea and build a mighty power station supercharged by oceanic currents. Use the whirlpool for the good of Megapolis!


Hydrological Research Center (Fixed Buildsite)
Patrol Service (Fixed Buildsite)
Monitoring and Control Point (Fixed Buildsite)
Hydroelectric Power Station (Fixed Buildsite)
Sea Current Lab (Fixed Buildsite)
Floating Lighthouse (Fixed Buildsite)


Quest Whirlpool of Events

Gigantic Whirlpool (Timed Quest)

Jewelry Trading House (Pack 1)
Vancouver Hotel (Pack 2)
Pixel Tower (Pack 3)

Please vote, we need your opinion on the new terrific update, wonderful quests and brilliant objects added!

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