UPDATE - 26 May 2016 - Military Base - UP

UPDATE - 26 May 2016 - Military Base - UP

Develop military production in Megapolis!

Start making new types of weaponry: missiles and military space technology. This will take you to a new level. And with your new unmanned aircraft, you’ll have no equal in the skies! Earn military influence points and get the highest military honors. Play Megapolis and become a mighty military threat!


Missile Base (Buildsite)
Missile Construction Factory (Buildsite)
Military Spaceport (Buildsite)
Military Space Factory (Buildsite)
ABM (Buildsite)
AAMS (Buildsite)
CMS (Buildsite)
ICBM (Buildsite)
Communications Satellites (Buildsite)
Navigation Satellites (Buildsite)
Reconnaissance Satellites (Buildsite)
UAV (Buildsite)


Military Aircraft Factory


Zhongshan Park Hotel (Pack 1)
Silver Dawn Hotel (Pack 2)
Zircon Hotel (Pack 3)

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