Update 12 06 2015

Make purchases now and you'll get new skyscrapers for free! You can get the California Plaza, the Panama Financial Center or the Sky Tower for free when you buy Megabucks. You'll also get bonus Megabucks at no extra cost. Play Megapolis and build an ideal city!


Midland Installation (1 Megabucks sm or 111 000 Coin sm)
Shanghai Grand Theater (3 Megabucks sm or 340 000 Coin sm)
Sofitel Royal Park Lima (5 Megabucks sm or 1 950 000 Coin sm)
Museum of Nomadic Culture (3 Megabucks sm or 2 400 000 Coin sm)
Leader Sports Arena (7 Megabucks sm or 4 830 000 Coin sm)
Wujin Lotus Conference Center (7 Megabucks sm or 1 900 000 Coin sm)


Sky Tower (Pack 1)
Panama Financial Center (Pack 2)
California Plaza (Pack 3)

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