Update 23 06 2016

Start processing resources at the Industrial Complex! Build processing plants, produce products from resources and make a profit. Develop production in Megapolis and become a leader of the processing industry!


Uranium Enrichment Plant (Fixed Buildsite)
Graphite Plant (Fixed Buildsite)
Trade Port (Fixed Buildsite)
Wood Processing Plant (Fixed Buildsite)
High-tech Plant (Fixed Buildsite)
Microchip Plant (Fixed Buildsite)
Paper Plant (Fixed Buildsite)
Optic Fiber Plant (Fixed Buildsite)
Jewelry Factory (Fixed Buildsite)
Steelworks (Fixed Buildsite)
Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (Fixed Buildsite)
Catalyst Plant (Fixed Buildsite)


Quest Resource Processing

Resource Processing (Timed Quest)

Guangzhou Hotel (Pack 1)
Chaoyang Park Plaza (Pack 2)
Evergrand Plaza (Pack 3)

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