Update 15 07 2015

Develop industry in Megapolis! Ever wanted to play the industrialist and start mining iron ore or oil? Now you can! In the Megapolis Industrial Complex, you can mine resources, sell them and make a profit. Buy ore deposits, build industrial centers and railroads, upgrade your equipment and mine oil, gas, iron ore and much more. Become a true industrial genius, play Megapolis!


Transit Tunnel (entrance) (Buildsite)
Transit Tunnel (exit) (Buildsite)
Resource Warehouse (Buildsite)
Iron Ore Industrial Center (Buildsite)
Railroad Depot (Buildsite)
Red Point Tunnel (Buildsite)
Platinum Mining Complex (Buildsite)
Gas Production Complex (Buildsite)
Coal Industrial Center (Buildsite)
Mountain Tunnel (exit) (Buildsite)
Diamond Mining Industrial Center (Buildsite)
Timber Cutting Complex (Buildsite)
Uranium Industrial Complex (Buildsite)
Mountain Tunnel (entrance) (Buildsite)
Oil Industrial Complex (Buildsite)
Silicon Industrial Complex (Buildsite)
Cargo Port (Buildsite)
Gold Mining Complex (Buildsite)
Water Supply Well (Buildsite)
Kutang Bridge (Buildsite)
Everest Bridge (Buildsite)
Solar Thermal Plant (Buildsite)
Diamir Bridge (Buildsite)
Montblanc Bridge (Buildsite)


Quest The Industrial Complex

Industrial Complex (Timed Quest)

Note: first time available only on Facebook version of the game (Flash-version)

Please vote, we need your opinion on the new terrific update, wonderful quests and brilliant objects added!

Play Megapolis to find all new features in the game!
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