Update 18 07 2016 v1
Update 18 07 2016 v2

A really important group of tourists is coming to Megapolis and they are planning to travel on the famous Silk Road. Show them the hospitality of our city! Build the grandest hotel in the Megapolis desert. Prepare all you need to travel on the Silk Road and get a worthy reward.

A new contest is starting in Megapolis – Along the Silk Road! Construct buildings from Central Asia in your Megapolis, collect taxes from them, house residents and complete contracts – and earn contest points. Use your points to get coins, materials, Megabucks and unique buildings from the cities of the Silk Road. Become the victor in a global competition!


Tour Administration (Fixed Buildsite)
Heart of the Desert Hotel (Fixed Buildsite)
Tourist Services Center (Fixed Buildsite)
Tropical Rain Spa (Fixed Buildsite)
Karakum Eastern Restaurant (Fixed Buildsite)
Desert Ethnographic Museum (Fixed Buildsite)
Silk Market (6 Megabucks sm or 1,104,000 Coin sm)
Najiahu Grand Mosque (3 Megabucks sm or 1,907,000 Coin sm)
Buddhas of Bamiyan (12 Megabucks sm)
Eastern Bazaar (13 Megabucks sm)
Tower of Winds (3 Megabucks sm or 1,175,000 Coin sm)
Camel Market (3 Megabucks sm or 2,239,000 Coin sm)
Emin Minaret (3 Megabucks sm or 1,903,000 Coin sm)
Miri-Arab School (13 Megabucks sm)
Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi (8 Megabucks sm)
Xi'an Bell Tower (3 Megabucks sm or 2,819,000 Coin sm)
Herat Friday Mosque (9 Megabucks sm)
Kosh Darvoza Gate (3 Megabucks sm or 1,152,000 Coin sm)
Buyuk Han Caravansarai (9 Megabucks sm)
Sardoba Malik (3 Megabucks sm or 1,421,000 Coin sm)
White Horse Pagoda (3 Megabucks sm or 142,000 Coin sm)


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Along the Silk Road (Timed Contest)
Quest Silk Road

Great Journey (Timed Quest)

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