Update 31 07 2017 v1
Update 07 04 2016

Luck awaits you in Megapolis today! Find chests with valuable prizes that are hidden in your city. To do this, build and develop your city, collect taxes, house residents and complete contracts. Find chests, open them and get free buildings from the Netherlands and many other excellent prizes!

Ever been to Baku? It's full of beautiful buildings! Now you can build them in your Megapolis. Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win 7 architectural masterpieces from modern Baku for your city!


New Baku (Wheel of Fortune set)
Uplift Media Complex (7 Megabucks sm or 14,841,000 Coin sm)
Innovative Loft Apartment Complex (11 Megabucks sm or 3,559,000 Coin sm)
Flowerbasket (7 Megabucks sm or 438,000 Coin sm)


Silver Chest

Chest 1 (Lucky Chests)

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