Update 01 08 2016 v1
Update 01 08 2016 v2

Create a cell network in Megapolis! Build cell towers in every district of the city and house residents. Get coins for each new mobile user. Now your Megapolis will always be just a phone call away!

Developed infrastructure is the key to success! Collect income from cell towers and get building materials for special infrastructure from the Center of Unique Structures. It will make your network connection even more profitable. Take the cell network business in Megapolis to a new level!


City Center Cell Tower (Fixed Buildsite)
River Valley Cell Tower (Fixed Buildsite)
Seaside Cell Tower (Fixed Buildsite)
Business Island Cell Tower (Fixed Buildsite)
Lowland Cell Tower (Fixed Buildsite)
Desert Cell Tower (Fixed Buildsite)
Highland Cell Tower (Fixed Buildsite)
Westside Cell Tower (Fixed Buildsite)
Archipelago Cell Tower (Fixed Buildsite)
Great Lakes Cell Tower (Fixed Buildsite)
Center of Unique Structures (Fixed Buildsite)
Interconnection Center (Unique Structure)
Connection Institute (Unique Structure)
Connection Data Center (Unique Structure)
Encryption Center (Unique Structure)
Broadcasting Center (Unique Structure)
Modulation Center (Unique Structure)


Quest Cell Network

Megapolis is a phone call away! (Timed Quest)
Quest Servicing Connections

Servicing Connections (Quest)

Bay Gate (Pack 1)
Al Bateen Tower (Pack 2)
Dubai Pearl (Pack 3)

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