Update 03 08 2017

A new treasure hunt awaits you in Megapolis! Explorers have found a path to the legendary Lost Oasis – the heart of the desert. They say that here you can find the ruins of an ancient Bedouin city, and within it lie untold treasures. Head to an exotic land to enjoy an exciting adventure and find your own treasure trove!


Desert Pearl Temple (Fixed Buildsite)
Mysterious Cave (Fixed Buildsite)
Workshop I (Fixed Buildsite)
Workshop II (Fixed Buildsite)
Workshop III (Fixed Buildsite)
Sanctum of Light (Fixed Buildsite)
Temple of Sands (Fixed Buildsite)
Sanctuary of Winds (Fixed Buildsite)
Citadel of the Sun (Fixed Buildsite)
Palace of Life (Fixed Buildsite)
Desert Treasury (Fixed Buildsite)


Treasure Hunt Lost Diagram Logo

Lost Oasis (Timed Contest)
Quest To the Heart of the Desert

New treasure hunt! (Timed Quest)

Torre Diamante (Pack 1)
Solaria Tower (Pack 2)
Piazza Gae Aulenti (Pack 3)

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