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Want to build luxurious buildings in the most famous architectural styles and get gifts for it? Then enter the World Architecture: Through the Ages contest! Immerse yourself in the history of architecture: construct buildings in the Baroque, Empire, high-tech and Gothic styles among others. Earn contest points and win prizes: coins, building materials, Megabucks and stunning buildings. Play Megapolis and win!

Mysterious ruins have been found in the Megapolis desert! Scientists believe that they might be the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Acropolis. This place is famous for its incredible cultural heritage and treasure! Start rebuilding the mysterious ruins – discover their origins, find the treasure and get a well-earned reward! Play Megapolis and discover new things!


Parthenon (Buildsite)
Center for Ancient Studies (Buildsite)
National Library of Greece (Buildsite)
Ruins of Acropolis (Buildsite)
Temple of Athena Nike (Buildsite)
Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Buildsite)
Sphinx Statue (2 Megabucks sm or 400 000 Coin sm)
Monticello House (3 Megabucks sm or 2 500 000 Coin sm)
Philadelphia City Hall (4 Megabucks sm or 5 400 000 Coin sm)
Palacio de Valle (4 Megabucks sm or 3 700 000 Coin sm)
Ortakoy Mosque (4 Megabucks sm or 5 560 000 Coin sm)
Villa Capra (4 Megabucks sm or 1 574 000 Coin sm)
Water Company Palace (5 Megabucks sm or 2 100 000 Coin sm)
St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Buildsite)
Hard Rock Hotel (8 Megabucks sm)
Salad Spinner Villa (10 Megabucks sm)


World Architecture (Through the Ages) Logo

Through the Ages (World Architecture)
Quest Cradle of Civilization

Cradle of Civilization (Timed Quest)


Great North Western Hotel (Pack 1)
Regent Hotel (Pack 2)
Little Collins Hotel (Pack 3)

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