Update 18 08 2016 v1
Update 18 08 2016 v2

Are you ready for gifts? Get the wonderful Nanshan Tower, AVIC Plaza and Kerry Plaza 1 when you buy Megabucks! Hurry and take advantage of this special offer to get not only the skyscrapers of Shenzhen, but bonus Megabucks too!

Are you ready to test your luck? Then spin the Wheel of Fortune and win amazing buildings from Catalonia: the Can Negre Residence, Torre de la Creu, Torre de Sant Jordi and other great buildings. Win and build all 6 buildings and you'll get the unbelievably beautiful Casa Bofarull for free!


Masterpieces of Catalonian Architecture (Wheel of Fortune set)
Liuzhou Business Center (9 Megabucks sm or 6,758,000 Coin sm)
Planet Hotel (9 Megabucks sm or 1,479,000 Coin sm)
Sound Waves Installation (7 Megabucks sm or 863,000 Coin sm)


Kerry Plaza 1 (Pack 1)
AVIC Plaza (Pack 2)
Nanshan Tower (Pack 3)

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