A new academic year is approaching! Build Megapolis University! You'll get Ausonius's Fountain, a cultural center, and a new title for free!


Alpha Sigma Fraternity House (3 Megabucks sm or 45 000 Coin sm)
University Foundation (3 Megabucks sm or 35 000 Coin sm)
Kappa Mu Delta Sorority House (3 Megabucks sm or 40 000 Coin sm)
Campus Foundation (4 Megabucks sm or 50 000 Coin sm)
Laboratory Foundation (5 Megabucks sm or 70 000 Coin sm)
Library Foundation (4 Megabucks sm or 90 000 Coin sm)
Auditorium Foundation (5 Megabucks sm or 100 000 Coin sm)


Special Event: Megapolis University


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