Update 16 09 2014 v1 Update 16 09 2014 v2

Take part in the World Capitals: Rome contest. Earn contest points and win prizes: coins, building materials, Megabucks and unique Roman buildings. You receive points for constructing Roman buildings, buying Megabucks, collecting taxes from Roman buildings, completing contracts and much more. Start simple! Build the Clermont Manor. Get the Fountain of the Naiads and 30 contest points as a reward!

A modern city is a city of cars. Megapolis couldn't exist without this form of transport. It's time to give cars a little attention! Build an Expocenter - it'll be a great place to hold the Megapolis Automotive Show. Build a Driving School, an Auto Studio, an Auto Repair Shop and an Autocafe. Hold an Autoshow and an Autoexpo! Get the incredible Speed sculpture and the awesome Automobile Museum as a reward.


Driving School (Buildsite)
Auto Studio (Buildsite)
Expocenter (Buildsite)
Autocafe (Buildsite)
Auto Workshop (1 Megabucks sm or 64,500 Coin sm)
Hotel Complex (Buildsite)


Special Event: Megapolis Auto Show
World Capitals Contest: Rome

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