Update 26 09 2014

It is the duty of all thoughtful people to take care of our planet. There are many useful environmental programs to help with this! Complete one of these programs created specially for Megapolis: the Green Energy program. Build the Environmental Research Center, the Megapolis Greening Service, the Solar Ark, the Vertical Forest Hotel, the International Environmental Center and the Educational Ecostudio. You'll get a new title, the Organic Food Market and the Experimental Solar Power Plant as a reward for completing the Green Energy program.


Megapolis Greening Department (Buildsite)
Education Ecostudio (1 Megabucks sm or 68,000 Coin sm)
Environmental Research Center (Buildsite)
International Ecology Center (2 Megabucks sm or 150,000 Coin sm)
Vertical Forest Hotel] (Buildsite)
Solar Ark (Buildsite)

NEW QUESTS: Special Event: Green Energy

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