Update 06 10 2015

A lush oasis has been discovered in the heart of the Megapolis desert! Preserve this miracle of nature by developing an ambitious project to save it: build the Project Administration Office, the Solar Cooling Facility, the Irrigation System, and other buildings. Create an innovative water supply system, save the oasis, and earn a fantastic reward!

UPDATE - 10.0600:30

UPDATE - 10.06.2015 - Desert Oasis


Project Administration Office (Buildsite)
Irrigation System (Buildsite)
Solar Cooling Facility (Buildsite)
Climate Control Department (Buildsite)
Reservoir Research Center (4 Megabucks sm or 630 000 Coin sm)
Department of Water Bioresources (4 Megabucks sm or 490 000 Coin sm)


Quest Desert Oasis

Saving the Oasis (Timed Quest)


Retro High Mart Tower (Pack 1)
Fukuoka Tower (Pack 2)
Sky Club Tower (Pack 3)

Please vote, we need your opinion on the new terrific update, wonderful quests and brilliant objects added!

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