Update 15 10 2015 v1 Update 15 10 2015 v2

Discovery of the century! Megapolis sailors have discovered an island littered with sunken ships from different eras. Restore them to create a one-of-a-kind museum – you’ll also earn a luxurious yacht and the title of a Dashing Sailor in the process!

The World Capitals: Amsterdam contest is starting in Megapolis! Build incredible buildings from Amsterdam in your city, collect taxes from them, complete contracts and earn contest points. You can get wonderful gifts for your points: coins, building materials, Megabucks and Amsterdam buildings. Go win it all!

UPDATE - 10.15

UPDATE - 10.15.2015 - Shipwreck Island


Ship Repair Service (Buildsite)
Shipwreck Park (Buildsite)
Shipbuilding History Center (Buildsite)
Calypso Bridge (Buildsite)
Marine Institute (3 Megabucks sm or 241 000 Coin sm)
Sea Depths Restaurant (3 Megabucks sm or 786 000 Coin sm)
Dam Hotel (5 Megabucks sm or 1 072 000 Coin sm)
Shipping House (13 Megabucks sm)
Spaklerweg Office Center (12 Megabucks sm)
Felix Meritis Center for Art (3 Megabucks sm or 1 233 000 Coin sm)
Tuschinski Theater (8 Megabucks sm)
Oude Kerk (11 Megabucks sm)
Stadsschouwburg Theater (11 Megabucks sm)
Mahlerlaan Business Center (18 Megabucks sm)
Nieuwer-Amstel Old Town Hall (3 Megabucks sm or 1 213 000 Coin sm)
Ito Toren Business Center (3 Megabucks sm or 1 768 000 Coin sm)
Amstel Hotel (2 Megabucks sm or 2 055 000 Coin sm)
Vondelpark (3 Megabucks sm or 674 000 Coin sm)
De Gooyer Windmill (3 Megabucks sm or 762 000 Coin sm)


World Capitals (Amsterdam) Logo

Amsterdam (World Capitals)
Quest Shipwreck Island

Restore the ships! (Timed Quest)


Ping An Finance Center (Pack 1)
Tower B (Pack 2)
Yingkai Tower (Pack 3)

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