Update 24 10 2014

Get ready for Halloween! Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win gloomy Gothic cathedrals from all over the world. Get a reward and a new title! Search for unusual buildings made specially for Halloween in the store. Create a spooky neighborhood in your city; build the Eerie Estate, the Mad Scientist's Lab, Dracula's Castle, the Terrifying Tree and other creepy buildings!


Gothic Cathedrals (Wheel of Fortune)
Terrifying Tree (3 Megabucks sm or 419,000 Coin sm)
Jack O'Lantern (3 Megabucks sm or 143,000 Coin sm)
Mad Scientist's Lab (7 Megabucks sm)
Dracula's Castle (16 Megabucks sm)
Ogre Hut (3 Megabucks sm or 165,000 Coin sm)
Eerie Estate (11 Megabucks sm)
Walking House (6 Megabucks sm)
Winchester House (24 Megabucks sm)

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