Update 26 11 2015 v1
Update 25 11 2014

Airplanes aren’t just a quick and comfortable mode of transport, they’re also a very profitable business. Develop aviation in Megapolis – build a new airport that meets the all the most modern standards. Then you can transport passengers, freight and resources and get a great income!

Do you want to build the wonderful buildings of Mexico City in your Megapolis? Then spin the Wheel of Fortune! Win and build all 6 Mexico City buildings and get the Plaza Residences and the Architect of Mexico title as a reward!


Modern Mexican Architecture (Wheel of Fortune)
Aviation Center (Buildsite)
Cargo Terminal (Buildsite)
Loading System (Buildsite)
Heavy Cargo Terminal (Buildsite)
Passenger Terminal (Buildsite)
Control Tower (Buildsite)
Runway (Buildsite)
Refueling Point (Buildsite)


Quest New Airport

Prove that you’re a flying ace! (Timed Quest)

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