Update 15 12 2016

Snowville needs your help! The neighboring town of Snowville got completely snowed under just before the holidays. Help it solve its snow problems! Explore Santa's Hideaway, clean up the city, find Christmas tree decorations in the snow, decorate the Christmas Tree and take part in the Christmas Tree Contest. You will get amazing prizes for saving Snowville and having the most beautiful Christmas Tree!


Santa's Hideaway (Fixed Buildsite)
Christmas Tree (Fixed Buildsite)
Firework Factory I (Fixed Buildsite)
Firework Factory II (Fixed Buildsite)
Firework Factory III (Fixed Buildsite)
Christmas Square (Fixed Buildsite)
Town Council (Fixed Buildsite)
Christmas Tree Market (Fixed Buildsite)
Toy Shop (Fixed Buildsite)
Bakery (Fixed Buildsite)
Glassblower's Workshop (Fixed Buildsite)


Snowville Logo

Snowville (Timed Contest)
Quest Holiday Square

Holiday Square (Timed Quest)

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