1. Connect your device to your PC.
    1. For Android users:
      1. After you have successfully connected your device with your computer, you will see your device as the Removable Flash Disc which stores all your phone/tablet files.
      2. Open the Removable Flash Disc, find the folder "/Android/data/com.socialquantum.acityint/"
    2. For iOS users:
      1. Download the program iPhone Explorer ([1]) on your computer.
      2. Connect your device to your PC and open iPhone Explorer.
      3. Find the folder Apps/Megapolis/Documents.
  2. Find the following files from this folder to your computer:
  3. Put these files into an archive and attach it here, so we could investigate the matter. You may also download the files to any online file storage and give us a link to download them from the source.


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