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For the construction project of the same name, see Water Synthesis Tower.
Water Synthesis Tower (Simple)
Water Synthesis Tower (Simple)
Size 2x2 short
Cost Currency Unlock
450,000 Coin sm Level 15
5 Megabucks sm Level 5
Provides 850 Experience sm
+750Water sm
Population cap increase:

12,000 Population Limits

Construction 8 hours

The Water Synthesis Tower (Simple) is a Resource Building added during an update on 02.25.2014[1] and available in the Resources section of the store in all game zones.

This building is the second water resource building to be named "Water Synthesis Tower" However unlike the original Water Synthesis Tower this is a standard building not a Construction thus will provide the Water sm resources immediately after the build delay.


With the 07.04.2014 the stats of this building were downgraded as follows:

  • Water provide down from 2,500 Water sm to 750 Water sm
  • Xp on build down from 1,600 Experience sm to 850 Experience sm
  • Pop cap change from 30,000 Population Limits to 12,000 Population Limits
  • Coin price from 1,000,000 Coin sm to 450,000 Coin sm

Any Water Synthesis Tower (Simple) purchased prior to the 07.04.2014 retain their original stats and benefits, however any new one will have the current stats, and if you delete an existing tower you will not be able to re-purchase it. (It is safe to place it in your warehouse)


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