"Build the Zorah Plateau Station! When fully upgraded, it will provide an income of up to 100,000 coins and accumulate up to 4,600 passengers."

The Zorah Plateau Station is a transport hub located south-east of the Las Megas Paradise expansion. It was originally introduced on November 12, 2015.[1]

A total of 350 assets are needed to complete construction of the Zorah Plateau Station. This is equivalent to 350 Megabucks sm if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.




Zorah Plateau Station (Level 1)

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
PilesAsset Piles 14x1 Megabucks sm14 Megabucks sm
PipesAsset Pipes 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
Sling HooksAsset Sling Hooks 11x1 Megabucks sm11 Megabucks sm
Steel SheetsAsset Steel Sheets 13x1 Megabucks sm13 Megabucks sm
50 Assets 50 Megabucks sm

Zorah Plateau Station: Commuter Terminal Entrance Hall (Level 2)

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
HammerAsset Hammer 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
LoudspeakerAsset Loudspeaker 16x1 Megabucks sm16 Megabucks sm
Metal DetectorAsset Metal Detector 13x1 Megabucks sm13 Megabucks sm
Square LogAsset Square Log 10x1 Megabucks sm10 Megabucks sm
TicketsAsset Tickets 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Ventilation SystemAsset Ventilation System 11x1 Megabucks sm11 Megabucks sm
80 Assets 80 Megabucks sm

Zorah Plateau Station: Rest Area (Level 3)

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
FlagpoleAsset Flagpole 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Insulating PaintAsset Insulating Paint 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Paving Stone (Venetian)Asset Paving Stone (Venetian) 20x1 Megabucks sm20 Megabucks sm
ScaffoldingAsset Scaffolding 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Scaffolding CoverAsset Scaffolding Cover 10x1 Megabucks sm10 Megabucks sm
Signal AmplifiersAsset Signal Amplifiers 20x1 Megabucks sm20 Megabucks sm
Water CoolerAsset Water Cooler 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
110 Assets 110 Megabucks sm

Zorah Plateau Station: Station Cafe (Level 4)

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Automated Barrier GateAsset Automated Barrier Gate 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Gypsum FibreboardAsset Gypsum Fibreboard 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Hard HatAsset Hard Hat 20x1 Megabucks sm20 Megabucks sm
Insulation FoamAsset Insulation Foam 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
PerforatorAsset Perforator 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Plastic SeatAsset Plastic Seat 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
RollerAsset Roller 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
110 Assets 110 Megabucks sm


Level XP Resources Production
Power Water Coin sm Limit Coin sm Rate[d 1] 25px-PassengerTrainLimit_sm.png Limit 25px-PassengerTrainLimit_sm.png Rate[d 2] Max Cap Duration
0 600 Experience sm 8 Power sm
(+8 Power sm)
8 Water sm
(+8 Water sm)
1 1,200 Experience sm 30 Power sm
(+22 Power sm)
23 Water sm
(+15 Water sm)
28,600 Coin sm 2784.4/hour 1,300 25px-PassengerTrainLimit_sm.png 126.6/hour 10.27 hours
2 1,800 Experience sm 66 Power sm
(+36 Power sm)
45 Water sm
(+22 Water sm)
37,400 Coin sm 3712.5/hour 1,700 25px-PassengerTrainLimit_sm.png 168.8/hour 10.07 hours
3 2,400 Experience sm 116 Power sm
(+50 Power sm)
74 Water sm
(+29 Water sm)
70,400 Coin sm 9900/hour 3,200 25px-PassengerTrainLimit_sm.png 450/hour 7.11 hours
4 3,100 Experience sm 180 Power sm
(+64 Power sm)
110 Water sm
(+36 Water sm)
101,200 Coin sm 16706.3/hour 4,600 25px-PassengerTrainLimit_sm.png 759.4/hour 6.06 hours
Total/Max 9,100 Experience sm 180 Power sm 110 Water sm 101,200 Coin sm 4,600 25px-PassengerTrainLimit_sm.png
  1. Bonus:
    Unique Building Bonus Coin Production Rate
    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
    Rail Supply Center +105.50 Coin sm/hour +228.50 Coin sm/hour +386.70 Coin sm/hour +562.50 Coin sm/hour
    Technical Inspection Service +175.80 Coin sm/hour +334 Coin sm/hour +580.10 Coin sm/hour +843.80 Coin sm/hour
    Railroad Administration +281.30 Coin sm/hour +562.50 Coin sm/hour +984.40 Coin sm/hour +1,388.70 Coin sm/hour
  2. Bonus:
    Unique Building Bonus Passenger Flow Rate
    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
    Rail Supply Center +5.3 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour +11.4 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour +19.3 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour +28.1 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour
    Technical Inspection Service +8.8 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour +16.7 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour +29 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour +42.2 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour
    Railroad Administration +14.1 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour +28.1 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour +49.2 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour +69.4 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Вокзал “Зора Плато” (translates to Station "Zora Plateau")
  • ID: 10060315 (gambling_zorah_pavilion_place)


  1. SQ Forum: Update 11.12.2015 #1